10 best spray guns

However, we note that disassemble and rinse, and thoroughly, a new pistol is imperative – the manufacturer did not regret the lubricant for conservation, and even assembled all the threads on the retainer. Budget Home Spray Gun with Top Tank and 1.4mm Nozzle – one of the most popular entry-level hardware in stores. His power is small – 450 W, so with large volumes the work will delay in comparison with the same «Bossem». The FIOLENT KR1-260 electric spray gun works perfectly with any paints that are intended for airless application.

The performance of this device is very good – It is adjustable to 0.5 l / min, that is, if desired, one container with paint can «blow» in a couple of minutes. In the end, a true master if desired and «carriage» can paint normally (at least, they say so), and in the hands of an inexperienced painter, the price will not insure at all neither from drips, nor from shortages. Reverse side of quality – this is the price for work «from time to time» Few people will allow. However, in any case, it is not the pistol that paints, but the hand – a certain skill is always needed. It requires 4.5 bar of pressure, quite standard for this class, while the air consumption is 240 liters per minute.

It is not very convenient that «trigger» on the handle only blocks the air flow, but does not turn off the compressor. Manufacturer history – it is over a hundred years of work. Good for small areas that are best handled from a short distance.

10 best spray guns


p> Continues our rating of the best WAGNER W 590 FLEXiO electric spray guns. Here, a 630-watt pump is built into the atomizer body itself, and its weight cannot be called solid – only 1.9 kg. Of course, «costs» he will still have constructions – high-pressure sprayers have a relatively low material transfer rate and «dust» to the sides. Our rating of the best spray guns continues our rating of the best spray guns, a fairly convenient and reliable HP spray gun, which is much cheaper (at times!) of their HVLP and LVLP variants. But for home this is a good paintopult.

So with the same spray gun it is quite possible to swing at both the primer and the finishing varnish. A discussion of the differences and applicability alone will require a separate article. However, it is worth changing the settings, since there is a nozzle in the set, and we are no longer «monster» for covering large areas, and a perfectly accurate spray gun for finer work. Spray guns HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) work at low pressure in the air cap, so that the torch is soft and not hitting far, and the paint consumption is economical.

But before self-painting the car, we would advise you to buy a smaller nozzle, because the regular one is suitable only for quick priming. Seals also do not say that long «go» – the tool is typical amateur, and does not pretend to professional use. Starting with medical equipment, already in 1925 they released the first paint spray gun, and in 1926 – patented the combination head and ellipse spray design, which is now used in most spray gun models. In fact, this is the same classic design, but it works softer, there is less poll.

Continuing our rating of the best, a rather curious budget electric spray gun with a remote pump and a 6-meter hose. They are demanding on the pressure and performance of the compressor, the operating pressure in the air cap is higher than other types. The purpose of the attachments is clear from their name – if Standard is versatile and has an average performance, then Wall Extra I-Spray is perfect for fast «fill» large areas.

And yes, here this «jar» Also Liter. Ergonomic handle provides a secure hold in the hands and comfortable operation of the tool. However, due to the design features, they have to work at a relatively short distance, so a beginner is likely to immediately encounter paint smudges, slightly overexposing the sprayer. That is, for example, when painting «metallic» it is more convenient to lay the base with the HVLP spray gun, and for the varnish take «good old» HP. And the loss of paint – this is not only money that literally flew into the air, but also the fog, which will require a good hood in the garage, will settle on unprotected surfaces.

In this case, the air temperature should be from +1 to +40°C. Electric spray guns – specific thing. And he will definitely justify its price. Due to this, the paint breaks up into small drops, gives a powerful torch, but also «by» she is blown away. It should be understood that you should not wait for IWATA quality from such a budget spray gun: after purchase, you need to disassemble, rinse and stretch all the connections.

First, let’s look at the accepted designations of spray types – they directly indicate the characteristic features of the spray gun. As for a specific model, this is an excellent tool for fast and uniform paint application, affordable both in the RP variant and in more economical, but less productive HVLP. The maximum output of the device is 260 ml / min, with a power of 60 W. Having a compressor, it is logical to think about pneumatic spray gun, but they are also of fundamentally different types. But quickly pour over a large area – work just right for him. But in the hands of a professional, a similar tool will pay off quickly.

Working pressure for spray gun – from 3.5 to 5 bar, which, in principle, can be easily delivered by any compressor. A one-piece spray gun that won’t get in the way with a thick hose. As a result, good performance is achieved, and the quality sprayed with moderate losses of the material, for which this model is loved. In principle, this is already quite acceptable for mid-range garage-level compressors, if you work with respite, and not blow out tank after tank into the air.

No compressor? Then there is an option in the form electric spray gun, but it is worth warning right away: the quality of their painting is the worst, mirror-like «metallic» on a car body – not their element. It is proposed and funny, but not very practical option – integrated digital pressure gauge. But an electric spray gun, with which a car can be painted only by a completely undemanding person, will help out here.

On the other side, «mirror» on varnish it is already more difficult to make them. At the same time, we note the convenience of refueling: it is carried out through the side cover, that is, it is not necessary to remove the tank itself, thinking where to postpone the gun with the paint. But, for example, if you need a good break of the varnish, then having an HP pistol in stock will not hurt. By class it can be described as «Minimally professional», If you can express.

The air head and the tank are filmed as quickly as possible, as quickly and easily adjustable the form of torch. Therefore, for these types of spray guns, the material consumption is the greatest; during work, one must not forget about a respirator and an exhaust hood. Ergonomic, lightweight and very high quality tool for professionals around the world. Moreover, the material can be both liquid and thick – just change the nozzle.

Compressor requirements are small: pressure 2.5 to 3 bar, maximum flow – 110 liters per minute. Protect the surrounding area from dust. Performance does not change when the tool tilt changes thanks to ConstantFeed technology (in other words, «sly» the shape of the bottom of the tank).

It is worth considering that the nozzle here is 1.5 mm in diameter. Duza and needle are made of stainless steel and can work at least with acrylic or nitrocracy, even with a water-emulsion. In a word, for episodic works, and just to «fill your hand» at no extra cost – worthy choice. This is enough for painting a medium-sized surface.

The gun is available with nozzles from 1.3 to 1.7 mm, replacement kits can be purchased without problems. But the quality was so-so, and it is unlikely that now someone will find a similar one «device». Products SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH & Co KG. moreover, it has become one of the most fake – And this is necessary to keep in mind when buying a collapse with hands or via the Internet. Due to the low air pressure at the inlet, they have minimal dust, inside the premises this is important.

At the heart of the set – HP-atomizer JA-6111 with gravity feed of material, which includes two replaceable tanks of different sizes, replaceable nozzles of different cross-sections, a set of tools for repair, maintenance and cleaning. You have to turn it on and off separately, and with your foot. This LVLP-paint of Chinese production is well known to garage masters.

The tool is capable of working with both liquid and thick materials, the viscosity of which does not exceed 80 DIN. Let’s try to figure out the offers in stores and choose the best paint sprayers, which you won’t have to look for for a long time, and there will be no reason to regret the money spent in vain. The simplest systems – this is spray guns HP (High Pressure).

To paint walls with minimal waste of time – the very thing. But not everyone is suitable: it must have both considerable performance and a receiver of the corresponding volume – after all, the air consumption here reaches almost 400 l / min. Oh, not in vain we remembered at the beginning of the article Soviet vacuum cleaners… Bosch PFS 5000 E is made by the same principle: the remover blower blows through a completely vacuuming hose into the nozzle, to which the reservoir is screwed down, unwittingly causing associations with the Soviet liter can.

It is also important that the critical parts are made of stainless steel. But which spray gun to choose – you can really get confused here. Moreover, this paintopult refers to the RP class (Reduced Pressure), and it is enough to work 2 bar pressure at 270 l / min. If you want to work with water-based paints, you will have to buy special nozzles and needles made of stainless steel, the standard ones are designed for two-component enamels and other material that does not contain water. You do not have to be a professional painter to face the need to work with a spray gun.

Verified professional tool from Japan, perfectly suitable for accurate works. Quality sprayed good, so the paintopult is suitable for a wide variety of works: from spraying the antiseptic to the finish color of the walls of water-emulsion paint. Moreover, since the pump is located behind the handle, and the tank – in front, they balance each other, and there is no characteristic advantage that tires the brush.

Moderate requirements for garage applications. For example, to paint walls with water-based paint using a pneumatic spray gun, you need such a compressor that not everyone can drag it into the apartment. To work, he needs a pressure of 3.5 bar, productivity – 180 liters per minute. The two nozzles in the kit have their own tanks, so that the transition from one job to another can be done without flushing: in fact, the entire spray unit is replaced. Of course, for small jobs that do not require special quality, aerosol cans will always help out… well, and if you need to paint a fence, ceiling or walls?

In Soviet times, the solution was simple: vacuum cleaners were usually accompanied by a monstrous structure for whitewashing ceilings, which, if desired, could be forced and painted. He really deserves first place in the ranking of the best spray guns, but… You can see the price for yourself: with the current exchange rates, it cannot be said that «price quality» he has optimal. They are convenient primarily for large areas without special quality requirements.

Ready set for coloring, which can be found in a plurality of auto repair shop. What does it mean then LVLP? Based on the decoding of Low Volume, Low Pressure, such spray guns not only work at reduced pressure, but also the material is supplied in small quantities. The proprietary X-Boost turbine, forcing air, is not bad in terms of performance. This is perfectly acceptable for work like painting a fence, with which we started the introduction: modern Tom Sawyer should like the work.

But productivity will allow you not to spend a lot of time on work. Then you can arm yourself with more Acura ilx 2018 in ghana modern devices. For example, when painting a forged grille, more efficient spray guns will either drip instantly, or there will be too much paint «fly away» into free space.

In a word, everything you need to work with soil, even with varnish. The ergonomics of the sprayer are excellent, the handle, for example, is made according to the same principle as that of Bosch drills – with clever shape and soft grip. A more interesting option to work with – RP (Reduced Pressure). So take apart the R500 for the first time – something else «pleasure». Please note that the torch for such sprayers «short», and, for example, it is inconvenient for them to pour over the roof of a car.

It is not so expensive, does not require a particularly powerful compressor with a large receiver, in addition, unlike HP paintopults, «dust» Exactly and minimal loss of material. With it, the spray gun can consume up to 0.5 liters of paint per minute. Spray type – HVLP.