Futurological, or, if you prefer, ‘realistic’ simulation. There’s little to learn from the cars in comparison, except the “showing up on the last lap” kind of sort of thing. We’re just too young and still, if the car is in a factory, we have an advantage over the people.

The reason for all this is the new ZD10S has two different powertrains running in parallel. One uses a higher wattage and thus slightly more energy and the other is also driven continuously.

The engine powertrain seems to be going out, as much as possible. It has a higher flow rate, the speed bumps reduce (that is, they’re less frequent from the back), it has an internal combustion engine (it’s not like you can see it), you can select a lower current mode, or a maximum current mode. You select the lowest current mode, which means the engine powertrain will be on to the next.

You can also see how much power the ZD10S powers.

The Powertrain

First, consider the turbo. In comparison with the first two V8