Offer your merchants new way to pay.

Generate more sales by letting your merchants spread the cost.
£1,000 - £50,000 available.

No hidden fees.
Interest? Never.

ZERO risks. Plenty of rewards.

You’ll get paid right away (minus any fees) while your merchants pay it back in 6 months, from their daily card sales.

The ZOTTO purchasing cash advance is designed to provide much-needed working capital to your business and your merchants no matter their credit score. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses across the UK & EU to fulfil their business ambitions.

78% of merchants say it’s important for them to have a choice to post pay.

Easy To Start

Partnering with us has benefits.

Great for your customers
Great for your business

Your business qualifies

  • You must be a limited company or sole trader based in the UK.
  • You must have a minimum monthly turnover of £ 100,000.

How To Start

  • Fill the below form, our sales will contact you within 24 hr.
  • Tell us about you and your business, along with providing all the necessary documents.

White Label Flair Card

  • We will design and print your own custom-designed flair cards for your merchants, which you can provide to your existing and future customers.

Merchant Package

  • ZOTTO Payments platform (used for repayments)
  • ZOTTO Business Current Account

Get paid upfront

Every time your merchant makes a purchase, you’ll get paid within 48 hr. for purchases made with flair card.

World class support

Our friendly support team are always available online to help your customers with any issues, questions or concerns they might have.

Your gateway to more sales and chash flow.

  • 0% Risk – Minimize your risk. We take on the risk, including chargebacks and fraud. So you can focus on growing your business.
  • +25% – Grow your sales, attract new customers, improve your customer experience and grow your sales by offering flexible checkout options.
  • + 40% – Increase your order value, Give your customers the financial flexibility and freedom to spread the cost of their purchase over instalments that suit them.


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